Production Associate

Job ID: 105209
Position Title: Production Associate
Location: Milton
Compensation: $18.00 per hour
Hours: 40 hours per week
Job Description: The Production Associate performs some or all of the following duties: 
Follow the Work Order Instructions, Drawings Information and Production Work Instructions appropriate to the task you are performing and upon completing, double check your work against the information you are required to follow. All company policies are also expected to be followed. 
Complete the appropriate section of the Quality Inspection Checklist in full and sign off prior to sending the job to the next department. Always ask questions on information you’re not sure of. 
Complete your Work Orders by observing the Due Dates listed on your daily department Work Order Due List or as instructed by your Supervisor. 
Keep and maintain the cleanliness of your work area and perform a 10 minute clean-up at the end of each day. Clean up the temporary area where you were working before leaving that area. Clean out the company trucks on your arrival back from Installs, pickups or deliveries etc. 
Report all machinery problems/trouble the Production Manager. 
Returns any inventory or shop supplies used to the appropriate shelf or area. 
Operate appropriate machinery as required, relying on the training you’ve received and during the performance of your duties, follow all posted machinery ”Safe Operating Procedures”. Do not operate a machine you’ve not been trained on. 
May be asked to participate in the Belt Install, Service and On-Call Rotation Program. 
Job Requirements: Must participate in the annual On-Line Health & Safety Training. There are 10-12 Courses to complete either at home or during work hours. All employees undergo this training at the same time, generally in the fall of each year. One month time frame is given to complete all, with each course taking ½ hr. to 1 hr. and needing an 80% minimum pass score. 
Being at your job every day and performing your job to the best of your abilities, with a positive attitude; is a daily expectation in an effort to be not only the best employee you can be but to achieve a positive annual employee review.
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