Rehabilitation Support Worker

Job ID: 105227
Position Title: Rehabilitation Support Worker
Location: Toronto
Compensation: $25.00 per hour
Hours: up to 40 hours per week
Job Description: Working knowledge of common medical, mental health and neurological conditions. 
An in-depth understanding of the effects of head injury on physical, psychological and social function. 
Knowledge of the principles of Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Language Pathology and other rehabilitation modalities applied to brain injury. 
Knowledge of community resources – leisure, voluntary work, paid work, groups. 
An understanding of the types of interventions used in community-based rehabilitation therapy with head injured people. 
An understanding of the roles of other health and social care professions. 
Knowledge of the range and sources of equipment, its uses and application 
Ability to break down activities into achievable goals. 
Ability to recognize problems experienced by clients. 
Experience working within a team and an understanding of team dynamics. 
Ability to observe clients' performance and report clearly to relevant professions. 
Experience working with clients, and their families, who have behavioural difficulties or are emotionally vulnerable and enabling them to adjust to their difficulties with supports. 
Adult, child or youth experience with cognitive and communication problems as a result of brain injury. 
Ability to follow programmes as prescribed by therapists and incorporating the recommendations of other professions. 
Ability to use appropriate initiative, recognizing own limitations of competency. 
Ability to organize own workload, prioritize demands of a number of therapists, and work flexibly with others to ensure all demands are met. 
Able to participate in supervision and make positive use of it, as well as accept direction when necessary.
Able to work in a stressful environment, days, evenings and weekends, including with clients who have complex communication needs or challenging behaviours.
Job Requirements: Educational background is a rehabilitation certificate program, social service degree, or degree from a related field such as psychology, social work, and kinesiology 
Valid driver’s license, a reliable vehicle necessary for work related duties 
Previous experience in working with persons with a disability 
Two years related work experience is preferred field 
Behavioral Supports 
Individualized Planning 
Health and Personal Care 
Medication Awareness 
Standard First Aid/CPR 
Crisis Intervention 
70% travel time across GTA 
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