Team Leader C

Job ID: 102229
Position Title: Team Leader C
Location: Etobicoke
Compensation: $18.00-$20.00 per hour depending on experience
Hours: 40 hours per week Afternoons
Job Description:
To provide daily direction and follow up to ensure effective production of lines
Maintain a clean and safe production line or work area at all times.  Comply with and enforce plant Safety Standards, Good Manufacturing Practices, Standard Operating Procedures, and all other plant policies. 
Ensure the assigned production line is ready for production before start-up.  Ensure the line has a valid torque meter, scale, and work order.  Make sure that the necessary packaging materials are on line and verify accuracy of both counts and material identification against the Work Order.
Ensure that all required quality checks are performed on a timely basis. This includes the proper completion of SPC sheets for fill weights and torque’s, finished goods quality check sheets, stacker sheet, and all required documentation. Ensure that product and shipper codes are correct.
React to any quality problems in an appropriate manner.  Ensure that process adjustments are made and recorded on a timely basis.  Stop production if necessary.  Quality is always the number one priority.  Inform the Process Auditor and/or Production Supervisor as necessary.
Obtain bulk license plate and attach to job order before starting any new batch of product.  Ensure that unreleased product is never filled.
Be responsible for the proper opening & closing of all jobs upon completion.  This includes proper line clearance and ensuring all packaging material returns are identified with the proper part number and an accurate count.
Ensure that finished product counts, labour & line hours, material scrap is entered into the computer system properly, (JDE & DSI). Issue bulk license plate (s) to work order and create finish goods license plates correctly
Ensure that all required product samples and/or retains are taken, properly put away, and recorded.  Maintain retain area in a tidy manner.
Develop and support good communications and a spirit of Continuous Improvement on the production line.
Be responsible for the orientation and training of all new employees (Packers) on the line, to quick orientation for each and every new temporary worker which may be assigned to your line.
Monitor individual performance and give constructive feedback as required.  Perform or assist in the completion of annual performance reviews of regular team members.
Is able to perform additional computer transactions / inputs. (Example: performs all issuing or de-issuing of materials, review usage)
Must know how to access Standard Operating Procedures.
Must have knowledge of GMP and customer requirements
5 positions Available Afternoons 
Job Requirements: Able to visually concentrate and listen intensely for periods of time
Able to stand, lift, bend crouch and read consistently for 8 hours
Able to grasp and manipulate a variety of packaging components (i.e.. sprayers, bottles, caps)
Able to work around unpleasant odors – no allergies to chemicals
Able to work in various temperatures
Able to work under conditions with high noise levels
Constant interaction with a variety of chemicals and chemical products
Must be able to read, write and speak English
Must have good mathematical skills, must pass math and aptitude test
Computer knowledge an asset
Available to work overtime where necessary
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