Housekeeper - Health Care and Social Assistance

Job ID: 58713
Position Title: Housekeeper - Health Care and Social Assistance
Location: Ancaster
Compensation: TBD
Hours: 40 Hours/week
Job Description: Daily bathroom cleaning of shower, mirror, vanity, toilet and floor. Changing of dirty towels & restocking of tissue paper & toilet paper, bed making, emptying garbage pails, take out dirty cups and glasses, etc.
Weekly full clean of resident room by dusting furniture & ornaments. Vacuuming carpets, even under moveable furniture like light chairs & tables or beds on rollers.
Weekly & bi-weekly bed changes with either the resident’s, or the home’s linen.
Daily vacuuming of hallways and weekend dusting of hand rails, door frames and name plates.
Cleaning of staircases on every Saturday from top to bottom with bucket, scrub brush and rag.
Bringing down dirty laundry, properly sorting it into the machines & turning them on with the proper settings.
All housekeepers help to fold towels & linens after lunch break at 1:30p.m. and only leave when all towels are folded
Depending on floor assignment, thorough cleaning of public washrooms at the beginning of the shift, and touching them up at the end of the shift, as needed.
Restocking the cart at the end of the shift for next day’s use. (Ex. Towels, toilet paper, tissue paper, rags, refilling chemicals, etc.)
Adhering to infection control procedures as instructed, or posted, by the nurses. This includes using gloves, gowns and masks as directed. Cleaning infected rooms with Virox.
Serving breakfast and lunch in the dining room.  
Delivering trays to resident rooms. This includes assembling the food according to the order form. When delivering the food, please ensure that the resident is awake and aware of their meal.
Polite and respectful interaction with residents on daily basis in a polite & professional manor by addressing them with Mr. /Mrs. and their family name only.
Attend and participate in staff meetings and training.
Participate in fire drills and any other required safety measures.
Any other related duties as assigned by supervisor or Administrator.
Job Requirements: Empathy for and understanding of the needs of seniors, their families and the professionals engaged in their care.
Good health.
No allergies to cleaning chemicals.
Able to use cleaning chemicals, appropriately and safely.
Able to perform physical work.
Pleasant, co-operative and supportive attitude.
Willingness and ability to learn.
Proper and clean grooming
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